Does NokScoot accept only particular types or models of Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

NokScoot accepts pre-approved portable oxygen concentrators (POC) that will fit into the limited space beneath the seat.

The POC models that we accept are:

  • AirSep Corpotation's Lifestyle
  • AirSep Corpotation's Freestyle
  • Inogen, Inc.'s Inogen One
  • Inogen, Inc.'s Inogen One G2
  • SeQual Technologies' Eclipse
  • Respironics Inc.'s EverGo
  • Invacare Corporation's XPO2
  • Delphi Medical Systems' RS-00400
  • Oxlife's Independence Oxygen Concentrator
  • DeVibliss Healthcare's iGo
  • International Biophysics Corporation's LifeChoice

Do note the following important points:

POCs will have to be self-powered using a gel or dry battery. We may not be able to provide inflight power supply for such equipment. Hence, please bring batteries to provide power for at least 150% of the flight time. For example, for an expected flight duration of 10 hours, you will need to prepare a battery supply for 15 hours. If each battery lasts for 5 hours, you will have to prepare 3 batteries.

The passenger is responsible for the operation of the POC. Cabin crew will not be liable to operate the device on behalf of the passenger. During decompression, the passenger must switch over to drop down oxygen masks.

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