I have a young child. May I place her in a child safety seat or car seat on board?

Child safety seats may be used on our flights for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years only.

To fulfill safety regulations, NokScoot may only carry a specific range of child safety seats that meets inflight safety standards in the cabin, and which display any of labels shown here. Please ensure that your child safety seat meets these standards before travelling. If you have a non-approved child safety seat and would still like to take it on your trip, it may be checked in at no additional cost.  However, NokScoot will not be liable for any damage to a child safety seat checked in. Only forward-facing child safety seat may be used on NokScoot flights.

Note that you must purchase a seat for your child if you want to seat them in a child safety seat. Child safety seats may not be located in exit rows or the rows immediately in front of or behind an exit row.  The parent or guardian of the child is responsible for securing the child safety seat to the assigned passenger seat using the aircraft seat belt as per the child safety seat manufacturer’s instructions. NokScoot will not be responsible for any mishaps caused by a wrongly secured child seat and crew have the right to refuse assistance on board. No part of the safety seat should extend beyond the passenger seat causing an obstruction to other guests.


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