Can I use electronic devices onboard?

  • NokScoot guests may use their portable electronic devices (PED) during all phases of the flight, however, all mobile phones and transmitting devices must be switched to “Airplane Mode”, “Flight Mode” or “Offline”;
  • Cellular function can only be used before the closing of aircraft doors prior to takeoff, and after landing;
  • Laptops and all other devices larger than a tablet may not be used (and must be properly stowed) when the aircraft is taking off, landing or on the ground, as their size and weight may pose as safety hazard;
  • Guests boarding or disembarking the aircraft via the tarmac must switch off their mobile phones and transmitting devices, as the aircraft may be refuelling;
  • The captain may also request guests to turn off their devices during certain flight conditions so that navigation communications are not affected;
  • At some airports, local regulations may forbid the use of PED while the aircraft is on ground. In such situations, the cabin crew will advise guests through the public address system.

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